Editor-in-Chief’s Message

Dear Reader,

The UNIverse Journal is a quarterly, open access, refereed, multidisciplinary e-journal and is designed to publish theoretical articles, review papers, poetry, short-stories and experimental piece of literature.

The UNIverse Journal encourages the emerging and established to submit their work and read others. We look forward to generate a serious debate on different academic and literary issues.

Our bias is for engaging language complicated by music, form, and sentiment and emotions. We love to publish longer work but are open to all the formats, including flash and micro.

Our editors believe that a story’s publication should not begin its disappearance.

So, give us God, give us nature, give us new-man, give us people and make us laugh. If you can make us cry, do so, if you want to lament loss of pets & family, do not. We enjoy emotions and want to spell-bind our readers.

We look forward to reading your work.

Check our Submissions page for full details.

C. P. Pathakk
The UNIverse Journal