Special Issue (June, 2021)

Dr. Silima Nanda

Having M.A and Ph.D.
She is enjoying the post of Deputy Director at Regional Evaluation Centre, IGNOU, Bhubaneswar, Odisha.
She is the editor of The Universe Journal and prove to be an asset for literary world.

Contact No.: +91 - 9868627698
Institutional Email: snanda@ignou.ac.in


In the unending valley
fenced by rugged and rocky souls
I stand alone talking to my
lonesome shadow
look back to trace my moments
disappearing like spiralling mirages
extend my hands to hold them
flapping my tired fingers
they seem to evade me
perhaps somewhere
or nowhere.
I look ahead
craning my neck
apprehend what comes my way
hope ,faith or nothingness
everything disappears
i stand where I am
stuck to the hard soil
the shadow of my self merges
into the unknown
I am left alone
to locate
searching for the shadow