Special Issue (June, 2020)

C P Pathakk

C P Pathakk, is a Master in English Literature and B.Ed. is his relevant degree. He belongs to India (Bihar). He is Founder and Trainer in ELLT Academy. He also looks after the management of “The Dance Garten” . Astrology is his profession and he is a Freelance writer, Social Activist and Chief Editor (The UNIverse Journal). His works have been appeared in several of magazines and journals. He is also an admin and Secretary of highly esteemed club called Bihar Literary CluB.

An Untold Tale!

O what can be said about an untold tale
Never written nor yarned mouth to mouth,
The air knows only from east to west
High to mountain from north to south.

O what can be said about an untold tale
Perhaps most loitering and mourning,
Or some song of love or psalm,
Nor scripted nor played yet its charm.

Once I met her on a low mountain way
A lone, dead, and paltered hay to stay,
I saw her countenance and my day spent
Her wild eyes sparking some spell

A witch’s charm has spread all over
Days and nights seem equal,
A gust of clouds started kidding
A bridge of water is formed,

No space is left between sky and earth
Step by step she came down
Having godly light on her face wearing golden gown,
Gazed at her Overwhelmed with joy and mirth
Enchanted and taken aback I became merely a statue,

T’was my hallucination or a mirage
Or some dream I am in,
Pinched my skin to relies
I am alive or demise.

All is true, I am on a summit of mountain
And leaflets of clouds are touching my feet,
It is true, its true she is there,
It’s happening rarest of the rare,

To be continue..